Installation guide for the purchase of our products on ETSY

The 9 steps to follow to install our products on your iPad or iPad pro:

1 - Install or update the Latest version of the Procreate application.

2 - Make sure you have some space left on your iPad to install our Files. It's not much but at least 600 MB for our biggest product.

3 - After you have placed your order on ETSY, you can download your products directly by clicking on the "Download my files" button. If you no longer have access to the download link. We can send you a new one by message.

4 - To download Larger files, you will need to download the Word file (.docx) and Click on the URL link that will redirect you to our secure drive "Pcloud". You do not need to download or create an account on the Pcloud platform.

5 - From your iPad, by clicking on the .brushset file that you have just downloaded, your set will be automatically installed in the Procreate application.

6 - Now open the Procreate app. You need to create a Canvas, in order to use your new brushset.

7 - Find your set at the top of your Brush Library. You really need to scroll to the top to see it.

8 - Now it's up to your imagination to do the Job !

9 - If you have any questions or need our help with the installation. If your iPad crashes and you lose your brushes. You have to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

 The 9 steps to follow to install our products on your iPad or iPad pro: